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person holding amber glass bottle

About Conscious Body Health

Conscious Body Health is committed to providing women with the tools and support they need to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being.

Conscious Body Health
offers a range of services designed to empower women on their journey towards optimal wellness. Whether you choose to join in-person or virtually, I provide a safe and inclusive environment for personal growth and transformation.
Discover the power of conscious movement with Conscious Body Health,

Health is Beauty

Natural is my weapon of choice when it comes to almost everything. Food, fragrance, skin care, supplements and household items. Becoming conscious of the effects of hidden toxins in your environment is a huge step in the direction of reclaiming your wellness and living empowered.

My Approach to Wellness


Personalized Care

Empowering Transformation

Whole Body awareness and movement is key to understanding and addressing the mind body connection to achieve overall well-being.
My services are designed to educate, promote harmony and empower you in your self care and beauty rituals through informed choices.

I understand that every body is unique.
Services, including workshops and classes are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring a personalized experience that supports your journey towards optimal health and beauty.

I am committed to empowering women to embrace their true potential through conscious movement and educational choices. My classes provide a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and transformation, so can you unlock your inner strength and beauty.

Lorrel Elian

Conscious Body Health's Creator

formerly a top professional in the beauty industry and internationally accredited in yoga and psychosomatic therapy,
I've dedicated my life to empowering women on their journey to wellness - Body, Mind & Spirit.

I often say...

..." life is backwards." Because if we knew at the beginning of our life the lessons that would be the most valuable, wouldn't life be easier?

The most valued gifts in your life come from the ones you've worked the hardest to achieve. The most memorable lessons are often from the most painful experiences and generally the motivator that inspire you to implement a dramatic change transformation.

As a young person, if it had all been given to me, I wouldn't have my own unique view and understanding that I have today. I've had to fight for my health and for the health and sovereignty of my children.
My stand, and the tremendous health I have today are the most valuable gifts I have because I had to find my own personal power to claim it. I faced years of opposition from good intentioned doctors and family members who undermined my authority. If I had not followed my intuition and done my own research I would not be here today.

There is nothing random about how your life looks .
Understanding this has been the single most impactful realization. The guiding light to overcome a life threatening diagnosis and a long history of body issues.
All choices in my life over the last 30 yrs have been to improve the quality of my life and that of my children. From what you eat to how you move your body is crucial to understand how it effects your mental, emotional and physical processes.
I stepped out of my comfort zone to find a new way to experience life without pain. It challenged everything I knew.
My search for health lead me down paths that were unexpected and challenged my family of origin's beliefs.
It wasn't easy and I often felt lost and alone.
It's all been worth it.
"How you do one thing, you do all things"

I discovered multiple therapies and methods that all had one thing in common, the body mind connection. In these healing years I discovered my own mind body connection.
I belonged to a unique group of practitioners, experts in body wisdom and through this method I achieved my masters and teaching certificate. I was a top teacher in North America for over a decade,

Psycho (the mind) + soma (the body)
The Mind Body Connection

How you and your life look on the exterior, is a reflection of how you feel about what has happened to you. This leads back to the conditioning and environment you grew up in.
So as an adult, how do you transcend that?
How do you get past self esteem, abuse, and trauma issues to have improved health, happiness, success, an aligned & fulfilling life partner or career that fills you up?
How do you find peace, success, joy?
My answer always, is through your body.

I've had to learn how to stop burying my emotions. This is how illness found me.
The emotions you stuff down, turn into dis ease and dysfunction in your life, and in your body. All dis ease is psychosomatic .
The body mind disconnect is where many find themselves after a critical diagnosis or a series of health issues that can't be explained. For many women this starts showing up as children age, and after you've been used to wearing so many hats, (I say masks,) you feel depleted, exhausted from keeping up with a fast paced life. Then your body starts calling out for you to pay attention to the emotions and trauma you've been suppressing.
The Body Mind Connection is where you start finding the solutions. Most people are living busy, and often stress filled lives, and don't see that by taking on a little bit more every day adds to your stress load and eventual dysfunction.
The great job, the car, the house, all come at a higher human cost that most don't think of when you're making your way in the world. i see women burning at out even younger these days, and definitely before they're forty.

Challenges from life choices like:

Only You can control You,

You can't control others

Conscious Movement is Body Informed
Your Guide to
Your Intuition

Conscious Movement isn't about fitness or beauty, how your jeans fit or even how good you look.
Conscious movement introduces you to your inner game. It becomes your guide to trusting yourself and knowing your inner truth.
Conscious movement is a deep awareness that boosts your quality of life, and empowers thru a self informed process.

Your body plays a vital role in how you are able to process. When used consciously, your body is a tool you can access to release emotional baggage that is causing your present struggle, frustration, anxiety and ultimately, the disconnect with your body and your relationship with yourself.
You become more acutely aware of what serves you.
You stop serving others agendas, old thought patterns that are no longer true for you and replace them with new patterns that create a more dynamic, engaged and happy You.
This may seem like a lot of work, and girlfriend,
you are a lot of work.
You are worth it.

-partners who aren't a good fit
-demanding workplace conditions, a boss who hates you
-raising a family, children, aging parents
-poor food choices, processed food addictions, food chemicals
-not enough beneficial exercise
-addictions: food, shopping, social media, sex,drugs

If you're still here there's a good chance you're relating . There's a lot to know about how to be the best version of you.
I never saw my self as anyone who would have this kind of knowledge. It's a big commitment to unlearn
all the habits and conditioning that created how your life and body look. It wasn't easy, at times it was even painful.
And then one day I looked back and saw how far I'd come. I felt an ease in my body where pain used to be. Pain that had such a deep hold
it affected my personality, my choices and all of my relationships. Especially the relationship with myself.
When I opened up to the ease and let go of the old patterns of thought and behavior, the universe sent me an amazing line up of teachers that showed me how to master my health.

For over a decade I have been guiding women to discover their higher purpose through releasing the old beliefs and patterns associated with generational trauma. I'v been teaching my signature programs:
Blended Body Sculpting and Somatic Face Therapy
I'm certified as a master teacher in modalities that embrace science, quantum physic
s and mystical teachings from ancient lineages.
I personally practice what I teach and am passionate about women discovering
healthy new ways to experience their life, Body Mind and Spirit.

Along with my life partner of almost 30years, we continue to research and refine
our mind body experience by testing, enhancing and switching up our food style,
supplements, and environment. We've been organic farmers and landowners for
decades. We grow a lot of our own food and get our protein from plants.
We raised our children in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada where we still live,
close to the land.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

As a member of a professional international practitioners committee for over a decade, I've contributed to the efficacy and raising of educational standards and quality controls so clients experience the best care.
As a mentor, it's been my honor and a privilege to serve as an invaluable resource for women, particularly in matters of self care, personal and spiritual development.
My expertise in generational trauma has been cultivated from over two decades of research and teaching deep processes that shift consciousness and transcend the body.
The passion I have for empowering women has been my driving force. I've witnessed three levels of generational healing .
I've been the guide for countless women who have transformed their body's, their lifestyle by embracing beauty from within through the conscious methods of movement that I teach.