All attendees must have acknowledged the waiver before attending any classes or workshops.
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As part of my consideration for enrollment as customer of Conscious Body Health, I agree to this client Liability Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement terms as follows:

1. I understand that the programs and activities offered by Conscious Body Health involve physical activity and that there are inherent risks associated with these activities and with the use of any Conscious Body Health’s facilities or property. I represent that I am in good physical health and am capable of undertaking the physical conditioning activities offered by Conscious Body Health and further understand that if I have any questions regarding my physical limitations and/or my ability to engage in such activities, Conscious Body Health has advised me that I should first consult with my personal physician prior to engaging in any such activities.

2. I will follow all instructions given Lorrel Elian and Conscious Body Health representatives regarding how to perform, and not perform exercises. I understand that such exercise activities may expose me to risk of personal injury, and I knowingly and willingly assume such risk.

3. I understand and agree that I will receive instruction in exercise and be permitted to use Conscious Body Health’s facilities and property for such purposes and do hereby waive any claims of liability against Lorrel Elian and representatives Conscious Body Health harmless for any damage to or theft of personal property on or away from Conscious Body Health premises, or any personal injury, including but not limited to bodily injury, disease, disability, death, humiliation, or consequential loss of any kind arising out of my participation in any Conscious Body Health exercise activity or use of Conscious Body Health facilities or property.

4. In the event that I am pregnant, I will not attend any Conscious Body Health exercise activities until I have discussed the potential risks- to me or to my unborn child/fetus- with my obstetrician. I agree that I will follow my obstetrician's recommendations and on behalf of myself, my heirs, spouse or other interested party hold harmless Conscious Body Health for any possible injury to myself or my unborn child/fetus.

5.If I am under 18 years of age, I warrant that I have disclosed my age to Conscious Body Health and in addition to my signature have provided the signature of my parent or legal custodian or guardian below.

6. I understand that any registration fees and tuition for classes paid hereafter are non-refundable.​

7.Any provision of this agreement not in conformity with the law of any provincial or governing body having jurisdiction is hereby severed from this contract and the remaining provisions shall remain enforceable.
Client agrees that any dispute regarding this Agreement will first be tendered by the parties to a member of The Canadian Arbitration Association for non-binding resolution prior to filing any lawsuit.
Client also agrees that, failing a successful arbitration effort, any suit to be tendered must be filed in and under laws of Saskatchewan; a venue for any such suit shall be in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada ; and Saskatchewan law shall apply to any such proceedings.