Movement is the Best Medicine for Women

Women's body's are unique, powerful. We can tap into a well of strength if we manage our daily routines and get enough sleep, hydration and exercise.

When I look back on my fitness practices and how they did or didn't, benefit me, I would do it all differently. Today I look at my fitness more as my overall Wellness.
What my knees have taught me is that you have to look at the big picture, not just a target area. To release pain from an injury and to regain flexibilty, I needed to strengthen and elongate the muscle groups above and below the knee. Until I started doing that, I would only see temporary results. Understanding how connective tissue plays a massive role in one's capacity for movement is a game changer.
What is super important is that what happens with your body affects you and creates your emotional state. Your emotional state stays with with you throughout every moment of every day. It forms your experience and impacts how much or how little, you love your life.

Body : your physical experience: nutrition, exercise, therapies (eg: massage) self care rituals, fun/hobbies, lifestyle

Mind governs your mental health, attitude, education/willingness to learn.

Spirit is how you experience the world and feel about yourself because of your present beliefs and due to past conditioning. This effects your personality and attitude and how others respond to you.

Women benefit from using movement to improve their physical and emotional health. Movement is the best medicine for recovery, prevention and anti aging for the body and the brain. Lack of movement encourages aging and promotes dysfunction in the body..

I started working out in the aerobics era. It introduced me to stretching although I was mostly inclined to use the weights. Social conditioning and a culture of looking for that hard body. I built muscle fast, but it didn't stay. Over the years I realized the stretching had the most lasting impact along with weight bearing exercises that required me to use my own body weight. Yamuna Body Rolling gave me faster results than yoga I think because of this.
I was inspired by my teachers who promoted you don't need gadgets or props. People have mixed ideas around props and what I've seen with them is how people use them with extra force which strains the body and can cause injury. Even using Yamuna balls, people have to be aware of their breath or rib cage or other tender spots.
I had a yoga student who signed up for my three part workshop series Intro to Yamuna Body Rolling. She came to the first workshop then I didn't see her for six weeks at yoga either.
She told me she had popped six ribs will rolling up her side body.
I stress in all my classes and throughout, be aware of what your body is feeling

person wearing distressed blue denim jeans inside room
person wearing distressed blue denim jeans inside room
silhouette of woman making yoga pose
silhouette of woman making yoga pose
group of women doing yoga
group of women doing yoga
3 Important Factors for Women Who Exercise

Engaging in specific movement can help women build and maintain strong bones and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. Additionally, regular exercise has positive effects on hormonal balance, reducing the risk of certain health issues like polycystic ovary syndrome and cardiovascular diseases.
Women have unique physical requirements when it comes to fitness, as compared to men which is often over looked. These are significant points when it comes to correct usage of gym weights and body alignment. In all the years I've had a gym membership or attended classes I've yet to hear mention of how the difference in the shape of men and womens pelvic bowl determines how you use some weights and correct foot placement. I see this as such an integral part of prevention and pain therapy I hope we all hear more about it.
Women they tend to have less muscle mass and higher body fat percentages compared to men. Incorporating a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises can help women achieve optimal health and overall well-being.