Moving Your Body For Beauty and Longevity

Healthy is the new sexy- I love hearing that! It's the sign of a growing awareness that lends women more self empowerment.

Lorrel Elian

woman riding kayak at the middle of the sea
woman riding kayak at the middle of the sea

In a world that often associates youthfulness with age, the concept of "healthy is the new sexy" stands as a powerful testament to the idea that vitality knows no age limit.
It's a rallying cry for those who have discovered the fountain of youth in movement, attitude, and lifestyle choices.
If you think you're old, you are, or so the saying goes.
What if we flipped that script and realized that aging is a process accelerated by our own inaction?
I'm going to jump into the lifelong importance of physical activity, or movement as I often call it and the role
it plays with one's attitude and mindset.
Plus the benefits of hydration, sufficient sleep, plant-based nutrition, and the use of amino acids as supplements in preventing age-related disorders.

The Lifelong Dance of Movement

My own journey into the world of yoga at the age of 50 was a revelation that forever altered my perception of aging. It's a story that many of us can relate to; the notion that our bodies are destined to slow down as we get older becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if we let it. I discovered the body's potential to move, grow, and rejuvenate is virtually limitless at any age.
Yoga, high-intensity workouts, and simply having fun with physical activity can challenge your body and invigorate your mind.

Starting a yoga practice or any form of exercise later in life might seem daunting at first, you discover it doesn't take long to experience the transformative power of movement. That initial discomfort gives way to newfound strength, flexibility, and a sense of well-being that defies age.
The body remembers how to move, and when it's allowed to, it blossoms.

Mind Over Matter: The Role of Attitude

Attitude and mindset are powerful tools on the journey to staying young at heart.
The decision to never truly retire—to refuse to be 'tired' again—is a game-changer.
Why would anyone want to stop doing what they love, especially when it brings them joy, purpose, and fulfillment? Aging becomes an opportunity to embrace life with wisdom and enthusiasm rather than a reason to slow down.
It's an affirmation that age is just a number, not a limitation.Especially for women who generally spend a great deal of time caring for others, whether it's their children, aging parents or in nurturing careers. You accumulate a lot of wisdom that has yet to be shared. Finding an opportunity to do so can bring so many purpose filled opportunities.

The Foundations of Youth: Hydration and Sleep

Two pillars of a youthful life are often underestimated: hydration and sleep.
Proper hydration keeps the body's systems running smoothly, maintains skin health, and supports overall vitality. Adequate sleep, on the other hand, is the body's natural reset button. It allows for cell repair, cognitive function, and mood regulation. Together, hydration and sleep are formidable allies in the quest to look and feel young.
These two areas are where I personally increased my vitality. I was silly to not take advantage of sleep for most of my life.
When I focused on increasing hydration and sleep, it was only a matter of days before I started seeing the benefits.
- improved concentration
- less anxiety (honestly, I didn't know I had anxiety til it started leaving)
- my skin looked amazing
Before this I struggled with memory a lot more, even confusion and I could be short tempered.
This might be sone of the reasons why aging people are called grumpy.

Plant-Based Nutrition: Fuel for the Fountain of Youth

Plant-based nutrition, rich in vibrant fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, is a cornerstone of a youthful lifestyle. These foods are brimming with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that protect cells from damage, boost energy levels, and promote radiant skin. They provide the necessary fuel for an active life and a radiant appearance. Choosing a plant-based diet isn't just about longevity; it's about living life with vitality.
Those living in the 5 Blue Zones in the world eat mostly a plant based diet.
My husband and I started the move towards this eating style many years back.
We felt sluggish and had extra weight along with aches & pains.
We took meat out of the diet and never looked back. It is easier than you might realize.
On an anti aging perspective, it takes a lot of energy for your body to consume animal products.
Plant based, whole and fermented foods feel good to the body.

Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Youth

Supplements play a vital role in the prevention of age-related disorders, and among them, amino acids are key players. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, essential for muscle maintenance and repair.
In my youth I spent a lot of time in the gym around weight lifters and athletes. I observed how they used amino acids to build and repair. I believe today, one of the main reasons I'm so healthy on a plant based diet is because of the amino acids. Do your research, listen to what your gut and your body tell you.
Be very discerning about who you tell. They will all have an opinion and it doesn't mean that this is correct for you or that they're the source to listen to. Talk to your doctor, ask other experts, make informed choices.
As we age, preserving muscle mass becomes increasingly important to maintain mobility and strength.
Supplements that include essential amino acids can help slow down the natural muscle loss that occurs with aging, keeping you active and vibrant.

"Healthy is the New Sexy" is a declaration of the ageless power of movement, attitude, and mindful choices. It's a testament to the fact that youthfulness is a state of mind, a way of life, and a commitment to never stop moving. Embracing an active lifestyle, nurturing a positive mindset, and making healthy choices are the true secrets to staying young at heart. This journey begins at any age and continues, unceasingly, to fulfill our purpose and inspire those who follow in our footsteps.

Remember, age is just a number, but the vibrancy of life is boundless.
Stay active, embrace a positive attitude, prioritize hydration and sleep, keep your body fueled with whole food, non processed and organic.
Have friends and family over and prepare healthy food together.
Make healthy your mission and see how life changes.

In doing so, you'll discover that healthy truly is the sexy, and your vitality knows no bounds.

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Healthy is the New Sexy