What's Really in Your Food

You might be horrified to discover what's on the label, I was.

Lorrel Elian

This always made my girls so sad when they would see me do this in a store.

Do you know why?

I was reading the label to discover what chemical ingredients were in there,
food preservatives that are poisonous but not banned for many reasons.
If I saw any of those chemicals on the ingredient list, we weren’t putting it in the shopping cart.
All the gooey, yummy food that is easy to be addicted to, are generally the ones on the “No” List.
I started doing this because I was looking for answers that no institute or medical professional could give me at the time. My four year old daughter was definitely affected by food and there seemed to be no
rhyme or reason why…until we did starting digging deeper.
Because the solution kept coming back to ritalin, I wanted to find a healthier way.
She did’t fit all the criteria for ADD or ADHD but many similarities. There was a challenge at school getting her help as she wasn't diagnosed, so they would put her with the delinquent kids because they didn't know what to do with her. Her food reaction journey was a huge gift in disguise and still serves us today.
As the children grew and moved away I left my business career and turned wholistic therapies and yoga.
I saw how many adults were living with reactions to the food they were eating and started incorporating food awareness into my retreats. Many people wouldn't agree that their food effects them emotionally.
I know this because I faced this myself. Having guided many through gentle detox and eating plant based
in a safe retreat environment, I've more than proven that food effects you, even adults.

Artificial food preservatives are chemical substances that are added to food products to prolong their shelf life and prevent spoilage. They are not supposed to be in our food because they can have detrimental effects on our health. These preservatives are often added to processed foods, such as canned goods, snacks, and beverages. They can cause various health problems, especially in children, as their bodies are still developing. Some common artificial preservatives, such as sodium nitrate and sulfites, have been linked to allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and even cancer.
Consuming foods with artificial preservatives can contribute to how we function physically and emotionally.
Read labels, do research. I do it standing in the store. You have google university in your phone, google the ingredients on the label before you put it in the cart. You'll discover like I did that my grocery bill went way down. Especially with the ridiculous rising prices of food, why pay for poison?

Seem too harsh?
Do you go to the doctor, or have issues with your body you're struggling with?
There are a huge amount of ailments that can be prevented by changing your food style.
Hormone disruptors, food dyes, msg, there are many ingredients that have multiple names that can even sound healthy that shouldn't be in your food, let alone in your body. These same ingredients can cause undiagnosable symptoms that medications are given for.
I'm only sharing from my own personal experience. I'm not a doctor and I am not giving medical advise.
I am saying don't believe me, do your own research and start reading labels yourself so you can make informed decisions that feel good for you.
For improved health and vitality, commit to spending more time cooking baking from scratch, foods you love.
Because we incorporated this into our family's way of life, we have many wonderful memories of time in the kitchen together. We remodeled our kitchen to accommodate space for everyone to be able to participate in food prep. Our daughters are in their thirties today and the impact of those choices shows in how their children are being raised with organic whole foods as a way of life.

This is such a valuable topic I hope you're inspired to create more opportunities to experience organic whole foods more regularly.

Thanks so much for reading Conscious Body Blog

To Your Good Health
Lorrel Elian