Why Do Your Feet Hurt?

Discover the deeper side to why your feet hurt.

They deserve more than just being walked on.

Foot health is an essential aspect of overall well-being. Your feet carry you through life, and they're significance is too overlooked when it comes to your ability to enjoy being active and even just to be able to walk.
Have you ever noticed how you move your feet, ankles, knees when you walk?
So many don't understand how to walk correctly and this is why so many suffer with foot pain.
If you only were to correct your walk by using your joints and toes in a different way, they way they were designed, you would have more energy, leave pain behind and actually reverse aging!
Understanding the anatomy of the feet helps in comprehending foot pain better. Each foot consists of 26 bones, 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Your Feet Carry You Through Life...

Each foot is a complex mechanical structure of the human body that all work together to bear weight, allow for locomotion, and transmit force.
When these features don't work together like a well oiled machine there are several well known foot conditions that people experience.
Proper care of these structures is crucial to prevent discomfort.
Pain in the foot is most common in the ball, heel, and Achilles tendon.
Plantar fasciitis happens from poor shoe choices and overstretching of the arch.
Bunions, flat feet, heel spurs, mallet toe, metatarsalgia, claw toe, and Morton's neuroma are
all conditions that I've seen and that come from lack of proper use of the joints and muscles of the foot.

As someone who had foot pain from early in life, it has had my attention for many years.
I had surgery at fourteen to remove a growth from inside the smaller bone above my left ankle.
It was never understood why it was there and what it was. The pain hasn't returned since the surgery.
Other pain took it's place. It may have come from weak ankles. I have slender ankles and have
always been active, not a jogger, my feet hurt too much. I often carried extra body weight, and
that was thought to be the root cause. I've used a variety orthotics and thrown them away too.
Over time I found different fitness activities, I became limited in my choices based on pain level.
One wrong step and my ankle would be done for the day, sometimes the week.
In my late forties I started working with clients on their physical and emotional alignments.
I saw that many people had foot issues. Several of my teachers were talking about it too.
Some wrote books all about the feet.
At 50 I started teaching Hatha yoga. After two years of study
my ankle and foot strength improved to almost non existent.
My feet had also changed shape and my shoe size got smaller.
Many of the asanas helped strengthen the joints, although I still have to be careful,
as one wrong step can trigger a relapse.
Over time I continue to strengthen and improve. It's an integral part of my daily routine.
My feet remind me when I lapse on this too.
I have found it so beneficial to do foot and ankle alignment exercises that I share this in all of my classes.
I feel incredibly grateful that at 61, I am still able to reverse pain from over 40 yrs ago.
I look and feel younger, and people are usually surprised by my age.
I have been a serious foot watcher for many year now,
I observed in the yoga studio, with all the bodies that are toned and working on their fitness,
even the teacher, I expected to see supple, healthy feet that moved in alignment with the body they carried.
I was totally intrigued that this wasn't the case.
Whether you walk a lot or not, you need good fitness to do your job even if you sit at a desk all day,
your foot and body alignment are crucial for long term pain free movement.
Your heart pumps blood throughout the upper regions of your body, the calf muscle
the knee and ankle joints work together to pump the blood up from the lower part of the body.
Do you see why it's important then to have these critical and essential parts of your anatomy
working correctly and in their proper alignment?
The shape and condition of your feet show how hard you drive yourself and will indicate
how the rest of the body feels.
If you have ankle or foot pain, other areas of your body will also be effected.
The pain I experienced in my body from childhood eventually got louder.
My journey to finding a fix eventually lead me to studies in different mind body therapies and
how I became a yoga teacher and a psychosomatic practitioner.
I have made many changes in how I move my body and over time I have become pain free.
I believe much of what we experience in the body is psychosomatic.
Learning about the proper functioning of my feet empowered me in understanding what was going
on in my body. I let go of needing a diagnosis and look for solutions which I usually find through conscious movement.
My doctor laughs as she lovingly tells me she hates me as she asks questions about my diet and habits.
She wants to be healthier too.
We don't agree on the DNA theory so I recommended she reads Dr Bruce Lipton's book "Biology of Belief".
I'm all the proof I need of how epigenetics is at work in my life.
I don't come a gene pool of healthy DNA, in fact it's the opposite.
I believe it is possible to reverse pain that cause your feet to hurt.
Correct footwear for your lifestyle help, the key to being pain free
is in the proper use of your joints and limbs.
What are your feet trying to tell you?

Don't believe anything I say, do your own research
Thanks for reading my article.