Yamuna Body rolling works in combination with your breath, conscious movement and your body's weight to:
- release scar tissue from previous Injuries that limit movement
- muscle tightness and tension due to stress,
- poor posture from sitting at a computer
- lengthen and realign muscles, bones & ligaments
- improves circulation
- migraine headaches can be alleviated
- tone prolapsed or leaky bladder
- enhances overall flexibility
- expand lung capacity to improve breathing
- restores balance and alignment
- liberates muscle groups resulting in reduced pain and discomfort
- tones and reshapes the body
- Zero impact yet builds bone density
- improves walking and addresses plantar fasciitis
- shin splints
- scoliosis
- cervical spine health
YBR is one of the best natural methods for reversing visible signs of aging on the face & throat areas.
If you're a dancer, hockey player, golfer, yoga teacher, senior, an athlete, there is a Yamuna routine for you.

Regular participation in these classes can lead to increased body awareness, improved posture,
and a greater sense of relaxation and well-being.
Learn how to safely and fully utilize YBR then roll at home, when you travel, or roll anywhere you want!
One of the benefits of YBR is that you're not tied to a gym or membership to roll unless you want to.

The Yamuna method uses trademarked balls designed specifically and uniquely for Yamuna.
Only Yamuna approved balls are used.
As a certified teacher of YBR I am also a certified retailer of her products.
No pressure to purchase you can rent if you want to try it out first or ask for a free demo with me.
Intro to Yamuna Body Rolling Workshops is a prerequisite for regular hourly classes

In Person or Online Options
Part One Learn the foundation and important insights so you get maximum benefit from the method.
There are important tips to avoid injury and have an amazing experience.

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.